Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Great Interval Workout

Try this out if you are looking for a really good interval workout.  I swear by this one!  It's great!  If you try this out I'd be interested to know what you think.  Leave me a comment and tell me how it went.


WARM UP: (3-5 minutes)

Walk around or march in place.  Go up and down stairs one of two times.  Just do enough to warm your body up for exercise.  

WORKOUT: (30 minutes)

2 minutes: Jog in place- add arms up and down, progress to fast hamstring curls and high knees while leaving your arms out.

1 minute: Pushups- off the floor or bench.  Take a break if you need to and continue until time is up.

2 minutes:  Jumping Jacks- Do any variation you want to prevent boredom.  Cross legs during jacks, if you feel up to it, try Fly Jacks.

1 minute:  Squats- if you have weights or tubes, add them in.

2 minutes:  Mountain Climbers- If you've got a step nearby you can use it, if not just go off the floor.  Take a break if you need to, when you're done, stand up slowly to prevent dizziness.

1 minute:  Shoulder Press- Use weights or tube.

2 minutes:  Squat Thrust- Go down and do a regular push-up, bring legs in to your chest and push up into a jump, repeat.  You may get really tired of this, take a break if you need to.

1 minute:  Two Arm Bent Over Row- With weights or tube in hand hinge forward from hips and pull weights up all the way while keeping them close in to the side of your body.

2 minutes:  High Knee Straddle- Pretend your straddling tires, make sure you move with this one!

1 minute:  Alternating lunges with weights- Add optional lateral arms.

2 minutes:  Run up and Down Steps- if steps are not available do quick toe or heel taps or just do fast feet on the floor, football drill style.

1 minute:  Tricep Overhead Extension- Use your weights or tube.  Optional: kickbacks or dips.

2 minutes:  Jog in Place or Around- add punching bag.  With your fists in the air punch fast, go, go, go, FASTER!

1 minute:  Bent Over Reverse Flys.

2 minutes:  Squat Kick Out to Side- Do one minute on the left side and then one minute on the right.

1 minute:  Plie Squates- Add front raise or upright row.

2 minutes:  Shuffles- Left and right as far as your space will allow.

1 minute:  Sitting Squat with Pulses.

2 minutes:  Side Punches- Jab style.  Do one minute on the left then one minute on the right.

1 minute:  Bicep Curls.


5 minutes:  Walk around and let your heart rate come down but do not stop moving.

Stretch all major muscles groups.


Plank, crunches, kick downs, bicycles, v-ups, lower back, etc.  Add in anything you like.


And for tomorrow we'll get back into the food stuff.  I've had a lot of you ask for recipes and I have finally been taking a few photos to share with you so I'll start into that.