Sunday, November 27, 2011

This is how I workout.

So here you have it.  This is the breakdown of my weekly workout schedule.  (Yikes, I'm a little self conscious about this.  It's one thing to say you work out, it's another to show you exactly how I do it.  Please be kind.)  :)

Let me first start off by saying that I really DID NOT want to go for a run today!  After a night of my kids waking me up almost every two hours and then my daughter bounding in at 5:50 AM I was a very, VERY grumpy mommy.  I did not want to be awake, I did not want to go move.  Worst of all, there was a TON of dirty dishes in the sink and mountains of dirty laundry.  Sigh.  Needless to say, I dragged the kids down to the beach and I AM SO GLAD I DID!!!  What a beautiful day!  What a beautiful run!  The sun was shining, the water was sparkling, the sky was clear (which is kind of a big deal for LA).  We saw a huge pod of dolphins and a sea lion.  I usually run for around 45 minutes to an hour.  I think we stayed at the beach for about 3 hours today.  It was amazing!  And then driving home you can see all the way to the Hollywood sign and all of LA.  Man I love this place!

Alright, that said, here you go:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I will go for a run.  Usually I go about 3 miles on Monday's, 4 on Wednesday's, somewhere between 4-5 on Friday's, and the furthest I've run was 6 miles.  My goal is to train for a half marathon, so I plan on improving this.  I am finally getting to the point that I am not just enduring my runs but actually enjoying them.  

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I will do a cross training of some sort with weights.  I am a HUGE fan of Nike Training Club.  If you don't have this app I strongly suggest you download it today!  It's AWESOME!!!  And totally FREE!  It not only has 30-45 minute workouts with voice prompts, but if you  don't know what the move is, you can watch a video of how to do it.  You can personalize your playlists, save your favorite workouts, and challenge yourself everyday.  It's awesome.

Of course I vary from that slightly  here and there.  But for the most part, that's what I try and stick to.  Sometimes my husband, kids, and I will all go out running Saturday morning and really push our distance.  And I try to get this in at least once a week.  My kids love climbing these stairs and the sunset from the top is amazing!  I love being here in the early early morning hours or just as the sun is setting.

These stairs are pretty killer.  Most of them are as tall as my knee so for a short person like me it's a good challenge.  

I will also use youtube for a lot of workout videos (don't laugh).  Did you know you can get pretty much all the P90X workout videos and Zumba on there?  Granted you're not watching the actual footage and you have to reset to the next 'part' every 4-5 minutes (which is quite annoying) but it's all there!  I'll often do the P90X Ab Ripper workout straight from youtube.  And my kids love to rock out with my to the Zumba workouts.  It's good fun to be had, all for FREE!  (I will be honest, both of these are on my wish list.  There is nothing quite like just popping in a DVD and having the high quality version right at your fingertips, but if you're cheap like me, it's all there!)

I've created a Pandora Workout Playlist (since of course that's free.  I don't need to buy music this way) and I'll just play that to keep me going.  If I go out for a run I don't usually listen to anything.  I like to have a clear head and listen to my thoughts and hear whats going on around me in case I need to run for my life or take someone out that's trying to attack me.   You laugh, but I'm serious.  If you've got those ear buds in you can't hear everything around you as well.  And I don't like to look like a target.  (I guess I've taken one to many self defense classes.  I get a little paranoid.)  :)  

Tomorrow I will actually give you a workout that I used every other day when I first got started.  A good friend of mine gave this to me and it works wonders.  I hope you'll enjoy it too.