Saturday, December 3, 2011

Find Your Balance

After a day like yesterday, it really makes me rethink this whole 'balance' thing.  I know so many of us try to take on the world and feel discouraged or depressed if we don't succeed, which we often won't.  And that's life!  If there is one thing that I have learned along this journey it's this:

Anything is possible!  If you want something bad enough you WILL find a way to make it work.  If you are into fitness, you'll find a way to work it into your schedule, if you're into crafting, you'll find time for it.  If you're into cooking, you'll find a way to work it in, if you're into a clean house, you'll find a way to keep it clean.  It just depends on where you set your sights.  

My sights have been on getting healthy so I can be the wife and mother my family needs.  I enjoy several other things, but they often become a lesser priority.  My home is often messy, dishes are often in the sink, laundry piles up, errands don't get run, and that's OK.  When I try and clean, my kids come immediately behind me and undo everything I've just done.  So I've given up.  There is a time and season to everything in life, and this is my season for a messy home and a crazy life...but a healthy body.  My kids need to play and they need me there to play with them.  So if I can keep myself healthy to be able to keep up with them, then everything else doesn't really matter as much.  I have to keep one eye closed when I look around my home and my mind open to the idea that the day will come when my home will stay clean and my kids won't be around.  And when that day comes, I will long to be back there again.  (Or so people tell me.  I'm still waiting to find out.)  

Believe me, I have spent many days fighting with my kids, "Just leave me alone and keep the house clean for one hour while I get this workout in!!!!"  Only to have all of us miserable before the morning even gets started.  I have learned that the more I can include them, the better.  If I don't make it out before 6:30 AM to workout, I often have to wait until after my husband leaves for work and take the kids with me to work out.  So we've gotten a nice double jogging stroller (well, it was $20 on craigslist but it's been the best stroller I've ever owned.  It doesn't look pretty, but structurally it's awesome!) and we all go for a morning run together.  My daughter will sometimes ride her bike along side me or run with me (yes, she can keep up and her endurance is amazing!!)  Or I'll have them do my workouts with me.  My kids love to do the yoga poses and are surprisingly really good at them.  And we all have a great laugh in the process.  

And yes, there are somedays that I just can't get a workout in altogether.  With kids it's really not surprising.  So don't be hard on yourself (I have been guilty of this one) if you can't fit it in that day.    Somedays you can, somedays you can't.  Tomorrow is another day.  You can try again then.  

Oh!  And good news of the day:  I broke 140!!  Today I officially weighed it at 139!  This is very exciting for me.  It's a lot of hard work, so I enjoy these moments.

Tomorrow we'll do some more food stuff and I'll share with you the reason why I saute with water vs. oil.  Stay tuned.