Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Details: Stats

Almost all of us like to know the nitty gritty details about people losing weight and so many of us don't talk about those details.  So I'm going to lay it on the line; you'll know my starting place and where I'm currently at.

This is me today:
(I've never had definition in my biceps like this before!!)

Nov 2010 weight: 170lbs / 77.1kgs
Nov 2011 weight: 140.5lbs / 63.7kgs
(in high school, a bit over 10yrs ago, I hovered around 150lbs / this is quite exciting)

Nov 2010 BMI: 30
Nov 2011 BMI: 24
(for more information on BMI - Body Mass Index, click here)

Nov 2010 clothing size: a tight size 12
Nov 2011 clothing size: I can fit into a 4!  (and buy small or x-small in most things)

This is a lifelong journey.  The process is still ongoing.  I am still averaging about 1lb loss every 2 weeks.  In the beginning it dropped quickly, now it's slower but my body is much stronger and I have much more energy (which is a really nice feeling).

I don't eat processed sugar anymore (stick to organic blue agave when needed).  I don't eat refined flour or white bread of any kind.  Everything is brown in our home.  I don't eat fast food anymore.  And I'm very selective on the snacks I eat.  We consume a LOT of fresh veggies and fruit.  I'd say roughly 70% of our grocery bill consists of fresh fruit and veggies.  Mostly veggies.  I'm learning to really love them like I never thought possible.  I was a VERY picky eater as a child so this is especially surprising to me.  :)

Next up, I'll chat about overcoming the S.A.D. diet...