Friday, December 30, 2011

America's idea of nutrition

I am sure that many of you are familiar with the food pyramid.  We've all grown up with it and seen it in school, doctors offices, and several other places.  I would always turn my mind off to it when I saw it, probably because it was everywhere.  I had heard in so many places to be healthy and get healthy that you kind of become numb to it.  Well, it is a guide that's there for a reason, so we're going to hash it out again.  :)  You'll see a bit more of it over the next few days. 

Did you know that the food pyramid is actually gone?  Yeah, Mrs. Obama obliterated it.  It now looks like this: 
A plate.  I guess this is a little less confusing for people.  Easier to see and gets the point across pretty quickly. 

Here are a few other ones from years past:

This one was released in 2005 and you can see they added the stairs to the side suggesting to us that diet alone will not keep us healthy.
This one is from 1992 and the introduction of the pyramid.

From the 1970's.

From the 1960's.
From the 1950's, possibly 1940's.  I saw two different dates on this one.

This is the earliest food guide I could find.  Released in the 1940's. 
 As you can see they have cut back dramatically on the number of servings of meat and dairy products and added in a lot more servings of fruits and vegetables.  I am going to be taking the next few days (starting tomorrow, New Year's Eve) to break this down and work out what each group means for a healthy diet and healthy life.  Hopefully this will motivate you to make some healthy changes in the new year.