Thursday, January 19, 2012

Delicious Juice Recipes!

Let's get into the fun stuff now, shall we?  As far as I am concerned the world of juicing is wide open.  You can pretty much mix anything and everything.  Most juices are deliciously refreshing, some combinations take some getting used to, and some just shouldn't be combined.  Period.  But if you are willing to be a little daring the possibilities are endless. 

Here are two of my all time favorite juices:
 I love pure grapefruit juice (that's the pink one on the left)!  LOVE it!!  Call me crazy, (most people do) but I seriously can't get enough of it.  But it has to be fresh, not from a bottle.  I've tried the bottle stuff and can't stand it.  Luckily grapefruits are incredibly healthy for you.  We also love straight fresh orange juice and apple juice.  You can't go wrong sticking with the basics. 

The juice on the right is my own combination and one I find myself going to quite often.  (I'm still working on a good name for it.)  But here is what I put in it:

(This will make a lot of juice.  I make enough to serve to my family and this pretty much covers it.)
1 pear
2 apples
2 oranges
1 tangerine
2 cucumbers
1 green bell pepper
5-6 ribs of celery
2-3 big handfuls of spinach or kale (the photo above is with spinach, the photo below is with kale.  See the color difference?)
And see that foam on the top?  That is like manna from heaven!  By far my favorite part about a freshly sqeezed juice. 

Pretty much we just try and take whatever we've got in the kitchen and juice it.  We watch the veggies and if they look like they are about to go off, they get juiced.  I often don't follow a recipe I just use what I feel like using at the time.  But if you are the kind of person that needs to follow a recipe here are a few websites that are filled with fantastic juice recipes:

Recipe Websites:
Reboot Your Life
Juicer Recipes Now
The Zesty Cook

And I am sure there are plenty more if you just look.  When it comes to juicing, be adventurous!  Try new things!  There are some combinations that sound horrid on paper, then when you taste it, it's like you've discovered a whole new world!  Do you have any favorite combinations?  I'd love to hear what you love.