Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday: A Word on Modesty (and a photo challenge)

I hope today you'll forgive me, but I intend to deviate from the course of health and fitness for a day.  You see, I believe in a thing called modesty.  I always have and I always will.  Right now I'm talking about modesty in dress.  There are enough women in the world walking around giving free anatomy lessons.  Plenty of women willing to flaunt it all.  And you don't have to look far to find it.

Yes, that is my daughter playing behind me.  :)
Well, you will not find that here.  I believe it's more important to keep yourself covered.  If you bare it all to the rest of the world there will be nothing left to wonder about.  The more covered you are, the more mysterious you become.  So, no, you will be finding no anatomy lesson here.  I prefer to keep the mystery alive and well. 

I find it important to remain covered even while working out.  As you work towards your dream body and slowly see it beginning to take form there is a desire to show off all the hard work that you've done.  And sure, we all like a little praise and adulation from time to time, but it doesn't give us the excuse to walk around half naked.  Besides that, how much more comfortable would you be if you were able to work out and not worry about pulling and tucking and repositioning?  Being confident that you are covered and able to complete your workout without having given away a free anatomy lesson.

Having said that, have you ever tried looking for a fitness image online?  Almost every single image that turns up is a woman wearing next to nothing.  Pinterest and Google alike.  And when you type in "modest workout" you get a bunch of little old ladies.  It's really quite a challenge to find modest, decent workout photos.  But I am determined that every image that I use on this site will be a modest (or as close as I can find) image.  So if you are looking at my site and thinking all these images are really lame, that's why.  It's because I believe in this thing called modesty. 

So this is where I extend a challenge (and a plea for help) to you.  I would really like to maintain a "modest" blog so I'm asking you to snap a photo of yourself, your family, your friends, anyone that you see maintaining a "modest" healthy lifestyle and send it my way.  I want images of people working out (stretching, running, push-ups, plank, crunches, weights, kettle bells, medicine balls), people eating healthy food, and people that are all around living a healthy lifestyle (roller blading, surfing, skateboarding, kayaking, paddle boarding, biking, swimming, whatever).  I want all shapes and sizes, male and female, old and young alike.  But the key is it has to be modest, and I'm not just talking about T-shirt and sweat pants.  The clothes we wear speak volumes for the way we feel about ourselves.  Show me what clothes make you feel good and that are of course, modest.   

You can use your amazing DSLR cameras, your point and shoot cameras, your phones, instagram, whatever works best for you.  As soon as you snap your photos please email them to:

kimthehealthnut at gmail dot com

Below you will find my very first submission.  My friend Tasha sporting her modest workout attire for the day.  See, it's possible to be cute and modest at the same time.  
And, of course, by sending me your photos you are agreeing that I can use them on my blog at any given time.  So please consider your submission to me to be your photo release.  I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in action!  Thanks in advance for your help on this project.