Saturday, January 28, 2012


I don't know about you, but when I think about losing weight I tend to think about that amazingly tight and toned hollywood body.  Am I alone in this?  Surely others of you have had these same thoughts. 

I've had this perception that when you drop weight, especially when you lose more then 10-15 lbs., you will magically discover this drop dead gorgeous body underneath.  And while it may be there, most likely it's not going to look anything even remotely close to the bodies that grace the pages of so many magazines.

My reality is, I've had two kids, I have a nice round family gene pool (no offense family!  But it's true), I'm short, and will never EVER look like I fit on a movie screen.  This is something I'm still wrapping my head around.  (I guess I'm going to have to give up my dreams of becoming the next big disco diva star...sigh.)

I may have lost over 30 lbs, but the fact is (and this is where it gets personal, just love me), my stomach isn't flat and probably never will be.  Those two kids I mentioned were taken from my body (emergency c-sections both times) and left it, well, less then amazing let's just say.  Some days I feel more like a Who (from Whoville, remember their firgures?)  My thighs still rub together, (I honestly thought that that would be gone by the time I reached this weight.)  I may never have that amazing bikini body, and I'm OK with that...most days.  :)  It's hard to break past all the images that the media portrays of what the perfect body should look like. 

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes.  Seriously, ALL shapes and sized.  And it's A-OK if we don't look like we belong on the next cover of Fitness magazine.  Our aim should just be to achieve healthy.  When you are healthy, you feel better, look better, and are just all around amazing!  Which is why I have chosen the tag line, "It's no longer about skinny, it's about healthy."  Healthy is the new skinny.  Healthy and fit together?  Yeah, that's my goal.  Strong, healthy, fit, that's where I want to be found.  It's a journey, a process.  Even if that is a bit more round then what the media says.

I have found a really cool website all about body image.  It's called It's a project that is all about portraying a real body image.  You can type in your parameters (weight, height, pant size, shirt size, etc.) and it will pull up a bunch of images (that other women have uploaded to the site) of women that meet those same parameters.  It's pretty interesting actually.  Take a peek at it.  You could be surprised.

I'm in the process of researching a (hopefully) very interesting subject.  High Fructose Corn Syrup.  I've had so many questions floating around in my head for so long and I've finally decided to look for some answers.  Stay tuned, I'll have that one up very soon.