Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm BACK: With Valentine ideas!

Wow!  What a week!  Every night has been filled up with something crazy.  It's been a good week, but busy, busy, busy.  And I have thought about this blog every single day but just didn't have the chance to sit down at a computer until now. 

I have been so super excited about these posts!  SUPER EXCITED!!  So excited in fact, that tonight, while my husband is out and my kids are sleeping, I am getting them all done so I don't miss another day of the Valentine joy!  :)

So we live in a culture that very much revolves around food.  We are a food loving people.  Always have been and always will be.  And we often give food as gifts to let people know we are thinking of them, that we care, and that we love them.  Valentines Day is certainly no exception.  This holiday is of course surrounded by all kinds of candy and junk food.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  In fact, it SHOULDN'T be that way. 

As I said in my last post, if we care for someone enough to give them a treat, we should make sure that treat is something that will do their body good.  I know that these ideas will seem silly to some of you, but it's a matter of changing your mindset, just like leaving meat, dairy, and processed foods behind.  I know I would appreciate it so much more if someone gave me one of the following instead of a box of chocolates or conversation hearts. 

Today's post will focus on the food side of things.  Tomorrow I will share with you other NON food ideas, for example: this year, instead of giving candy to my daughters preschool class, we will be handing out rock star glasses.  I will show you what I'm talking about tomorrow.  But in the mean time, take a look at some of the ideas I found on Pinterest below.  (I had the links to share with you, but my daughter somehow deleted them all from my computer, so as soon as I can round them all up again I will update this post.)

Starting with breakfast.  There is really so much you can do there, but here is a really fun idea that I found.  Pancakes are one thing that are so easy to make vegan (plant strong) and super nutritious!  Throw in a little food coloring and a cookie cutter and you're set!  And just think how much your family will love you when they wake up and see these beauties smiling back at them!

Next, melons!!  How cute are these heart shaped watermelon bites?  WAY easier to do then sugar cookies and these will take you a fraction of the time and are healthy to boot!

These melon heart skewers (or a variation thereof) are what I am planning for my hubby.  (Remember the cookie flop of last year?  This ought to make up for it!)

Either that or I'll throw it all into a bouquet like this:

This would be a big hit, I'm sure!  And really, super easy to make!  I plan on making one this year, and will take photos along the way to share with you all how to make your own. 

Also, a fun idea to share with your kids school mates (even if it isn't the most popular among kids, their parents will love you!)  I really like this idea.  Buy a little pack of clementines from the grocery store for $4-7 and you've got the class covered!  For about the same price as a bag of candies! 

Stay tuned, tomorrow we'll break into some great NON food ideas.  :)  See you then!  (It's great to be back!)