Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Valentine goodness!!

I know that today I said I would talk about non-food ideas for Valentines, but let's be honest, we live in a culture that revolves around food.  And we tend to give food and receive food with love.  We put a lot of time and effort into making goodies, wrapping treats, writing names on cards....we put a lot of love into our gifts, right?!  And don't you just feel loved when you know that someone has put all that time and effort into something just for you?  I know I certainly do.

So, while I intended to share something else with you, I have found so many more ideas that I just have to share.  So here they are, in no particular order:

Many of you have kids in school that will be required to hand out valentine's to their class mates.  And since we don't want to spread the disease of sugar any further (heaven forbid!) I found a few really awesome ideas to aid with that.

Here is what we made and will be distributing in my daughters preschool class this year.  The idea was found on pinterest, but I put this one together myself.  A pair of googly eyes and rock star glasses is what makes this one so fun!  My daughter is very excited about these!
Source: from my own camera.  :)

While I am not a dairy person, my kids (and most kids) are and they love cheese sticks!
Source: Bless This Mess

Better yet, make your own granola bars using this recipe and take a heart shaped cookie cutter to it!
Source: Bless This Mess

I must say, I really like this idea with the oranges.  And clementines are at such a great price right now, (well, at least in southern California they are) so you can't go wrong!
Source: Bless This Mess
Source: Bless This Mess

Fruit leather!  Who would have thought?!  And prepackaged so parent's don't have to worry about where it came from and who tampered with it.  Major bonus!
Source: Bless This Mess

Animal cookies!  Why didn't I think of this?!
Source: Bless This Mess

Another great idea, who said heart shaped boxes had to be for chocolates?

Watermelon and lemon wedges!  So cute and so easy!
Source: Healthy Valentine Day Treats

If you've got a dehydrator, why not whip up some of these?
Source: Chalk in my Pocket

These sound super good to me.  Dried apricots (try and stay away from the sulfur dioxide if you can help it) with coconut chocolate and cracked pistachios.  Yum!  Click on the link below for the recipe.
Source: More Fruit Please

Maybe these will be our valentine dinner?  I do love a good vegan sushi!  But also think of the love someone will feel finding these in their lunch box!

And last but certainly not least, these beautiful looking RAW cookies.  They look so good and sound so healthy I can't wait to try out this recipe. 

So there are just a few more great ideas.  Hopefully these have gotten your HEALTHY Valentine wheels turning.  More to come tomorrow!  I do love Valentine's day!!

Don't forget, switching to these healthy treats says that you love that person so much more that you are caring about their insides!