Monday, December 12, 2011

Not can you, but WILL you

Hello world!  I'm back!  We had a fantastic visit from family this weekend and had so much fun.  But I actually missed blogging.  I really enjoy this.  So I'm back for more.  :)

With the holiday season thick upon us it can be kind of hard to keep the motivation you need to get and keep your body healthy.  The weather often takes a turn for the worst, there is loads of good food around, and the days or shorter, (unless you're down under...well, then you have no excuse.  Summertime there is all the motivation you need!) :)  So it can be hard to keep going.

I have a calendar that we rip a page off weekly and each week there is a new quote.  I have been wanting to share with you the quote from the week of Thanksgiving.  I loved it!  It went something like this:

An optimist is someone who begins a diet (I'll change that to healthy lifestyle) on Thanksgiving.

Yes!  An optimist is someone who begins a journey to a healthy lifestyle on Thanksgiving, or during the holiday season for that matter.  So call me an optimist!  I did it last year.  And you can do it this year.  It's hard.  There are so many excuses out there...but they are just excuses.  If you want it bad enough nothing will distract you.  There is no better time then today to decide to make the change to living a healthier life.  Do it today!  Do it for you!  Do it for how good you'll feel!  Just do it!

I found this and love it:

If you never try, you'll never know.  SO GO FOR IT!!  What have you got to lose?  Just all the stuff that you want to lose anyway.  Think of those unwanted pounds coming off, think of that cholesterol number dropping, think of your hair and skin looking healthier, think of the increased energy, and if nothing else, think about fitting into smaller clothes (I put this last, because it never worked for me).  

I have printed this out and I have it posted in my bedroom where I see it all the time.   I live by this statement right here:

Will you?  Will you go for that run?  Will you buy more veggies?  Will you actually add them into your meals?  Will you make your life, and in return, the lives of those around you healthier?  This is my motivation and it's what keeps me going.  Live everyday thinking you'll make it better then yesterday.  We're not after perfection, we're after progress.  


Tomorrow we'll continue our discussion on motivation.  Because we all need a little help in this department.  See you then, man it's great to be back!!