Friday, November 25, 2011

How often should I be working out?

This is one thing I used to always ask myself.  And then I'd do the whole, "well, I worked out like two days this week, half heartedly, that ought to be good right?!"  And the answer is, yeah, it's good that you did something, but not great.  You can do more.  Especially if you're hoping to lose weight.

For weight loss you want to be working out at least 5-6 times a week with a mental relief/toning class (like yoga or pilates) on top of that at least once, twice if you can. For weight maintenance, 3-4 times a week is sufficient.  

I work out every morning except for Sundays.  Our bodies can do amazing things, but it's good to not push them to breaking point.  This is the happy balance I've found and it works for me.    

But that sounds like it will take up so much time?  

Yeah, it can and it does.  But if this is something you really want, you'll make the time for it.  It's a matter of priorities.  I used to beat myself up over this to find the perfect balance.  Most days my kids just ended up grumpy, I ended up grumpy and the work out was lacking on so many levels.  Now I get up before my kids do, eat breakfast, and then head out early in the morning.  I love a good sweat to start the day with nobody trying to sit on me while I do my plank.  Then when I get back (usually) my husband and the kids are just waking up or eating breakfast and we all get the day going together.  Now, on the days that I don't get out before the kids wake up or if it's raining to hard (which is few and far between here in sunny California) I'll strap them into the stroller and we'll go for a run together.  (I always have to have a good reward for them otherwise they make my run miserable.  I've learned that one the hard way.)  Or I'll do a cross training thing that I've got taped to my closet door.  (I'll share that with you later.)   

So again, if this is something that you truly desire and want to become, you can achieve it!  It's that easy.  Just rearrange your schedule, step away from the computer, turn off the TV, put down your phone and just go do it.  It's that easy.  

Tomorrow I'll share with you my workout ideas, some of the things I do, and show you what workout equipment I use.