Saturday, November 26, 2011

That's all you use?

Right now I'm going to break down for you what I use when I work out.  It's nothing fancy but it works.  Like I said before I am incredibly cheap so I've done this all on my own.  Meaning, I have never joined a fancy gym, never paid for a personal trainer, and haven't invested much in equipment.  (Although my list for desired equipment is growing quickly!)  So here is everything I own and use; equipment wise:

5 lb. pair of hand weights that I got at Ross for like $3.00 last January.

8 lb. "medicine ball" (not sure if it really is a medicine ball or not, but that's what I call it) that I also got at Ross for $5.00 last January.

Elastic tubes that I got at Walmart for $7.00

A fanny pack/butt bag that I got for $9.00 (can't remember if that was Walmart or Target.) 

My phone, head phones, and running shoes (not pictured because I'm wearing them.)    

And, that's it.  Right there, that's all I use.  Fancy right?!  It's worked for me.  I want to stress to all of you out there that it is possible to do all of this as a minimalist.  You don't need big fancy equipment, name brand whatever's, or be a member of some exclusive gym.  You don't have to break the bank to get into shape.  All you need is the desire to do it and the motivation to keep going.  

I would love to hear from you.  What do you use?  What's helped you?  What equipment do you have that you swear by?  I'm always wanting to know what other people do.

Since I didn't get to my workout break down today, we'll cover that tomorrow.  I'll share with you exactly what I do through out the week.  See you tomorrow.